7 Home Renovations In West Virginia For You To Consider

Top 2020 Trends to Look for This Year

Year after year, homeowners in Putnam County, West Virginia carry out home renovations and additions to increase the value of their homes and make everyday living more modern. Tastes and preferences adjust as families continue to evolve, and homeowners find new uses for their space. 

2020 looks to be no different. As winter continues and we enter the renovation season, you may wonder what remodeling services will be popular this year. 

Outdoor Decks

Decking has become increasingly popular over recent years, and for a good reason; it offers homeowners the flexibility of enjoying outdoor space. Many people use decks to provide outdoor living space, added square footage, or even an outdoor kitchen to cook meals and host dinners on. Other times, decks provide an area to relax and enjoy one another’s company.

Improved Flooring

As we begin this new year, many homeowners want to improve their flooring. Old, worn carpets and vinyl flooring will likely be replaced with hardwoods, laminates, composites, tile, and stone. 

HVAC Upgrades

HVAC systems are vital in maintaining the ambiance of the home. Without an effective heating and cooling system, homeowners can feel uncomfortable merely occupying their own houses in the summer and winter months. 

In 2020, we’re going to see the digitization of HVAC. Homeowners will likely want to connect their smart devices to reliable heating and cooling units. Hiring a reputable renovation company to install the main components and then hook up new systems to their devices is essential. 

Roof Replacements

As roofing materials continue to advance, more and more people will use a renovation company to update their home’s shingles and repair damages from the previous season. Roofing companies can repair storm damage and help homeowners improve the quality of their roofing so that they’re more robust to inclement weather in the future. Plus, it makes the overall look of the home better and gives you a sense of safety. 

Basement Conversions

The basement was initially considered as a space for homeowners and their families to store items until needed. Nowadays, people are looking for new ways to use the space that they have below ground. 

What’s remarkable about modern basement conversion projects is just how flexible they are. You no longer have to ‘make do’ – you can make the area more liveable. Use the extra space as a family room, game area, or whatever you may have in mind! 

Kitchen Renovations

In 2020, we’ve most likely to see the popularity in kitchen renovations continue to rise. Many homeowners revamp their kitchen spaces by including new appliances, islands, backsplashes, flooring, and cabinets. 

What’s remarkable about modern kitchen design today is the extent to which you can add value. Pull-out refrigerator doors, integrated stoves, and instant-boil faucets will make a massive difference to the space and increase the value of the overall home. 

Contact First Response Restoration for All Renovations

As a local and reputable construction company with years of experience dealing with all types of renovations, damages, and insurance claims, First Response Restoration is here to help you navigate the process. Start 2020 out the right way by contacting us today to set up your evaluation

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