First Response
Contents Damage

Your things matter to you

It’s amazing how much “stuff” we all accumulate! All that furniture, clothing, knick-knacks, kitchen items, TV’s and electronics, seasonal items like hunting gear and holiday decorations, pictures, tools, boxes of stored items in your basement, attic or closets, blankets, area rugs, keep-sakes, collections, books, etc, etc.

If your home or place of business has a flood, fire or any other type of accident, your “stuff” can easily become damaged as well!

1. Assess the Damage
2. Initiate Action
3. Document Results

First Response Restoration, LLC has proven processes and procedures. We also have an expert staff skilled in content pack-outs and pack-backs and content inventorying and restoration of damaged items. Let us take the headache and heartache out of handling your contents. When dealing with contents, attention to detail and organization is paramount!

What is a pack-up pack back? We’ll take inventory, wrap and pack up your damaged belongings, and move them to our off-site facility. Once there, we’ll clean and repair as necessary. We’ll even itemize and register any items not salvageable for your insurance company. Once the clean up is done, we’ll safely move everything back in.

Highest quality workmanship and superior results

We offer a full range of services within the construction/restoration industry, from general construction with superior workmanship, to highly specialized mitigation and technical services.

First Response

Our Mission

The mission of First Response Restoration is twofold: 1) to help people preserve, maintain, and enhance their home or place of business, and 2) manage the risks of everyday living and recover from unexpected events at their home or place of business. 100% satisfaction will be our goal, which we will earn by respectfully helping our customers protect, restore, and improve their property.

First Response

Our Vision

To earn the reputation as being the premier, full-service general contractor specializing in remodeling and restoration/emergency services, company in the nation.