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Smoke Damage

Where there's smoke, there's damage

Even a small fire can cause extensive damage due to the smoke it generates!

Expediency is of utmost importance in dealing with smoke damage. The longer smoke sits on a surface the deeper it penetrates and the more damage it causes. Everything from wood to fabrics and plastics to paint is susceptible to smoke damage. In addition to the physical damage caused by smoke, First Response Restoration, LLC also knows how to deal with the odor (smoke smell) that often lingers following a fire. By knowing the type of fire, and combustible material that burned, we can determine the proper mitigation procedures to follow that will provide the most pleasant end result for you.

Smoke damage doesn't have to be permanent
1. Assess the Damage
2. Initiate Action
3. Document Results

First Response Restoration, LLC has the certified personnel, knowledge, experience and equipment capable to successfully deal with smoke damage.

Our people have a proven track record of saving most items from the ravaging effects of smoke on the structure itself as well as any contents (including heirlooms, electronics, art, records, clothing, etc.)

Highest quality workmanship and superior results

We offer a full range of services within the construction/restoration industry, from general construction with superior workmanship, to highly specialized mitigation and technical services.

First Response

Our Mission

The mission of First Response Restoration is twofold: 1) to help people preserve, maintain, and enhance their home or place of business, and 2) manage the risks of everyday living and recover from unexpected events at their home or place of business. 100% satisfaction will be our goal, which we will earn by respectfully helping our customers protect, restore, and improve their property.

First Response

Our Vision

To earn the reputation as being the premier, full-service general contractor specializing in remodeling and restoration/emergency services, company in the nation.