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How First Response Tackles Water Damage and Mitigation in Your Home

Is there anything more immediately crippling than a major water leak in your home? The very idea is alarming, to say the least. Floors can warp, walls and ceilings can crumble, framing structures can be compromised. A homeowner uses water everyday in their home with little thought of how they would deal with the mess and repairs should that water not be contained. If the water is not dealt with quickly, further damage can occur to your home such as mold and rot.

Should you incur this type of disaster, First Response Restoration is ready to act with teams on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cleanup and mitigate the water damage. Teams will utilize specialized drying equipment and various safety precautions to handle a major water issue. The teams will also focus on rapid work to diminish the potential concerns a homeowner could incur and will provide temporary repairs such as water pipe repair, roof tarping, etc to insure that more damage is not incurred. Our teams also are very careful in considering that after mitigation/cleanup, restoration will need to be performed – therefore, we are very careful in how we disassemble, cut, brace, etc during mitigation in an effort to keep repairs to a minimum.

Navigating Your Insurance Claim
Depending on the type of water issue, most homeowners will have insurance that will cover the cost of mitigation and repairs after a water loss. One of the biggest challenges for homeowners is understanding the “jargon” used by insurance adjuster and estimators. First Response has strong relationships with most, if not all of the insurance carriers that cover properties in our area: therefore, we will be able to act as an advocate on your behalf with the insurance companies to insure that the work that is needed to mitigate and restore your home to pre-loss condition is covered.

There are two stages of dealing with a water damage event. The first is to provide mitigation/cleanup/temporary repair so that more damage will not incur. The second is repairing all that was damaged during the water leak to pre-loss condition. We employee several carpentry crews that are dedicated to this exact task and will get your property restored in a timely and professional manner. It does not take much for a small leak to develop into a major problem, so we encourage homeowners to replace worn or aged water supply lines on a regular basis, inspect roofing for potential leaks, and keep up with general maintenance on your home. If after taking these precautions, you still have a water leak event, be sure to contact First Response Restoration as soon as possible.