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From Foundation to Roof

In addition to emergency services, First Response Restoration can cover all your home building needs. First Response Restoration has over 20 years of experience building homes from start to finish. We started building homes in the early 2000s and have built over 100 homes in Hurricane, WV, and surrounding areas. First Response Restoration has experience building houses from the foundation to the roof, so you can call us for anything home-related. Whether you are looking to remodel, renovate, or have a home addition, we are here to help. We see homebuilding as an exciting field because we love being a part of the process of building a place for your family to reside. We look at each home as an opportunity to create something that makes the homeowner the envy of their neighborhood.

Home Builder Home in Hurricane WV Custom Build
First response restoration services home builder
First response restoration services home builder
Hurricane WVA home remodeling

Built to Suit Your Needs

All the homes on this page were built by First Response Restoration and are located in the Hurricane area. As you can see, we build a lot of different styles, from the traditional, brick, ranch, two-story, or a unique one of a kind. Take for example the yellow home. Our goal was achieved by making the front inviting and custom. The homeowner was pleased by the ending results. Who wouldn’t be?

Being locally owned and operated in West Virginia has many advantages for our clients, from caring about what’s most important to them, to be proud of the unique appeal each home brings to the neighborhood. We never want our clients to settle for anything other than exactly what they want because they shouldn’t have to. Give First Response Restoration a call to make your forever home dreams come true with a new custom-built home.


Tim did work promptly and carefully. He was exceptional in his communication.

First Response Restoration
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