Water Restoration

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First Response Restoration has seen any type of water damage you could imagine, (and some you probably never would have thought of!). We have years of experience dealing with water in every aspect of a home. With extensive knowledge of the drying process mitigation companies use to dry the structure, we understand the importance of an accurate repair estimate to get you back on track.

Basement Restoration needed after water damage
Basement Restoration in progress after water damage
Basement Restoration finished after water damage
Basement Restoration Contractor for water damage

We can be the shoulder to lean on and the company you can count on to give you solid helpful advice on working with your insurance and rebuilding your home. Being a locally owned and operated company makes us a friendly face you’re sure to see in your local community. Let us be the right phone call you make.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done for the restoration of the water damaged bedroom. Your men were able to remove the wet insulation, plaster and dry out the wooden structure in short order. This operation required the removal of all the furniture, drapes, lighting, and ceiling fan before they were able to remove the wet material. It took several days to dry out the wood structure. Your men returned and installed new insulation, drywall, and plaster mud. Your men were very careful to keep the dirt and dust to a minimum. They covered the floor with protective clothes and plastic sheeting. New paint was applied in two days. The final day before Thanksgiving, the men returned all fixtures, furniture to restore the room to its original state. Thank you gentlemen for a fine job. (Shane Belcher, Mike Glen, Billy Grit, and Timmy Walroth).

First Response Restoration
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