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If you are like most homeowners in our area, there are areas of your home that you would love to update, change, or repair that do not require extensive planning or design work. Whether you need new patio doors installed, a loose piece of siding secured, a thermostat replaced, or your toilet is running, First Response Restoration can handle it. Our skilled technicians provide prompt and professional workmanship, and we include a one-year warranty on our work. Scheduling an appointment is fast and easy, so give us a call today. Below is a partial list of home improvement and repair items that we can handle for you:


Projects that include plumbing would be updating showers, replacing hot water tanks, installing new faucets/fixtures, switching out garbage disposals and dishwashers, and/or anything else that involves the delivery/drainage of water.

New Plumbing install
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From replacing thermostats to diagnosing sudden loss of cooling to the complete replacement of heating and air systems, First Response Restoration has licensed technicians on staff that can handle all of these tasks.


A lot of our customers want to switch out light fixtures, diagnose dead receptacles, or light up a new outdoor space. For these types of repairs and improvements, we have licensed electricians on staff.

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Drywall and Painting

We are excellent at finishing/refinishing interior walls including drywall patching type repairs, painting of rooms and trim, and exterior painting such as railings, posts, decks, and soffits.


We can handle the forming and pouring of sidewalks, patios, basement/garage floors and driveways. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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Interior Trim and Doors

Sometimes folks want to update their interior doors to the latest designs, install larger baseboards, or replace a door with a barn style door. We can help with this and even install new kitchen cabinets if that is the area of your house that needs improvement.

Exterior Siding, Trim, and Roofing

After the big storms we seem to be getting a lot of lately, a few shingles may blow off, a piece of siding trim comes loose, or maybe a tree fell and brought down a section of fencing. We are very capable of diving in and getting these types of repairs completed.

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Home Maintenance

Out crews are efficient at cleaning out gutters, replacing hard to reach furnace filters, removing debris, cleaning exteriors and waterproofing needed areas.

Excavation / Landscaping

We have the type of equipment (excavators, lifts, skid steers, dump trucks/trailers) that works great around a residential lot to smooth out dirt, dig utility lines, prep for concrete install, install landscape walls, or cleanup for new seeding.

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