Updating Key Areas That Will Increase A Home’s Value

Upgrading Key Areas of Your Putnam County Home

How a West Virginia Contractor Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Are you planning to make some upgrades to your property for a boost in home value? Maybe you’ve got long-term renovation plans to make your house worth more when you finally move out. Whatever the case, renovations need to be smart and calculated in order to show an increased value in the home and be worth the money spent.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchens are arguably one of the largest determining factors when it comes to adding value to your home. Because kitchens are used on a daily basis and act as the family hub, it’s important to tidy up the kitchen and renovate it to modern standards if you want to get a serious long-term boost in home value. However, planning a kitchen remodel can be difficult and requires you to understand what aspects of the kitchen should take priority. Here are a few examples of kitchen renovations that will have the highest chance of adding value to your home:

  • Update or add a backsplash
  • Use quality surfaces such as granite or marble
  • Update appliances so that they’re energy-efficient
  • Add well-known kitchen brand names, if possible
  • Create more space by adding granite countertops and/or a kitchen island
  • Add more storage options such as a larger fridge, spacious cabinets or shelving
  • Tidy up the color palette so that it makes sense and doesn’t have clashing tones
  • Let more natural light in by widening windows or adding a skylight if possible

Ensure Your Home Is Up-to-Date
Safety is always going to be a huge selling point. Whether it’s replacing your HVAC unit or replacing the roof, it’s vital that such features are updated, especially if they are old or haven’t been checked recently. A water mitigation company can help you find any potential flaws in your system that could have been compromised due to recent weather conditions or storms. Similarly, fire damage services can also ensure that the structure of your home is intact after a fire-related incident.

Additionally, if your house has ever been through some kind of accident or disaster, then it’s likely going to show unless you hire professional services to help you not just hide damage that has been done to the structure of the house, but also repair it and renew your safety systems to give your buyer peace of mind when they move in. In fact, by contacting a damage repairs company to survey your home is the best option before performing any kind of renovation on your property. This is so that you can guarantee that your property will be stable while the renovations are underway and so you’re not hiding rotting wood or smoldering remains under your seemingly-pristine modern home.

Update Your Curb Appeal
Landscaping is incredibly important for increasing the value of your home, especially if you have a large front or back yard. Curb appeal is crucial when it comes to selling your home by giving a fantastic first impression. You can do so with landscaping as well as updating or adding a new deck or covering a porch. You want to sell a vision to your buyers, so make sure you invest in appliances such as a grill, have great-looking furniture, a stocked shed with plenty of gardening tools, and beautiful plants that have been looked after.

Keep in mind that landscaping often isn’t enough if you’ve got a relatively large front or backyard. If you do, then you should consider paving your driveway properly, maintaining lawn spaces and removing any dying or dead plants that could negatively affect your curb appeal. You may also want to add furniture and plant new flowers so that the appearance of your home is spectacular.

Finish Your Basement
If your basement is still just a damp, dark and underutilized room, then it’s a good idea to completely renovate it and turn it into a room with a purpose. Turn the area into an extra bedroom, an office, or even a child’s playroom by finishing out the space. Even if you don’t want to give it a purpose or furnish it, turning it into a blank space by ensuring there are clean walls and carpets is a great start.

Remodeling key areas of your home are important when adding to the value of your home. If you’re interested in utilizing your space this Summer, give First Response Restoration, LLC a call.

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