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Ways To Keep Your Home Safe From Fires During The Holiday Season

Close up image of open fire flames

The holiday season begins with Thanksgiving and presents its fair share of hazards that could lead to disaster. The U.S. Fire Administration describes hazards in which risks could double during the holiday season and impose the greatest risk on Christmas Day. It is open flames that are more likely to start a house fire and present the most devastation. The following are some tips that show you have to keep your home Safe from fires during the holidays.

Serious Hazards When Cooking
It is paramount that you remain on your guard when cooking your holiday meals. The USFA indicates that a higher probability of a Fire is greater due to a failure to keep a watchful key while you’re Cooking. By leaving food unattended, you lose control over the situation and could experience a house fire if you don’t prevent conditions such as grease spills. Deep frying a turkey is the most hazardous cooking-based activity during the holidays.

Your Fireplace is a Hazard, too
The colder winter days make it more appealing to operate your Fireplace to keep your home warm. However, a common issue that homeowners face is a house fire due to a failure to clean their fireplace properly. Before you start your fireplace, it is urgent that you schedule a professional cleaning. Next, you should make sure that the screen is in place and protecting your home against burning embers that could start a fire.

Candles are a Growing Risk
Candles are used often during the holidays. However, they are the most common fire hazard that is left unattended. Homeowners often forget to blow them out, and candles are more likely to tip over and start a house fire, especially in a mobile home. The USFA recommends that all homeowners use them safely and lower their risks of a major loss.

After a house fire, homeowners need skilled restoration services to correct the damage. It is during the holiday season that a growing number of homeowners are displaced or rendered homeless due to the devastation left behind my home fires. Homeowners who need fast restoration services after a fire are encouraged to contact First Response and schedule an appointment now.