Life and Activity

The Village of Barboursville is located in Cabell County, West Virginia, and situated between the two largest cities (Huntington and Charleston). Many people may think of Barboursville as a small town, but there is a lot of life and activity-packed in this small area. If you or your children enjoy sports, Barboursville has multiple Little League baseball diamonds, basketball courts, volleyball courts, 14 soccer fields, football fields, and tennis courts. For those who enjoy nature, Lake William is a perfect spot for you. The village has a small lake for fishing, a walking and jogging path, a horse show ring, and a splash park. First Response Restoration loves doing jobs in The Village of Barboursville because of the people’s courtesy and hometown pride. 

First response restoration locations barboursville
First response restoration locations barboursville

Remodeled Dining Room

You can see the finished product of a job that First Response Restoration completed in Barboursville in the photo to the left. The picture shows a dining room that we remodeled. This job required us to remove two closets to open up the dining room, raise the ceilings, install new flooring, give the room a fresh coat of paint, and add two new closets for storage. The homeowner was very pleased by this finished product (Who wouldn’t be?). If you live in the Barboursville area and need any construction or restoration services, please give us a call.

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