Cross Lanes

Charleston Suburb

Cross Lanes is a suburb of Charleston. It is the most populated unincorporated community in the state. Cross Lanes is located in Kanawha County. With many restaurants and shopping centers, there is something for everyone here. Even though Cross Lanes is a small area, it has the main attraction of The Mardi Gras Casino and Resort. This Casino brings in locals as well as tourists from out of town. First Response Restoration has been serving this area since 2003. We have always enjoyed working in this area because its small population gives it a friendly and hometown feel. If you live in Cross Lanes and need home repair work to your home, give First Response Restoration a call.

First response restoration locations cross lanes
First response restoration locations cross lanes

Clean and Ready

You can see a project that First Response Restoration completed in Cross Lanes in the photo on the left. Just two months before the following photo was captured, this beautiful hardwood flooring was half missing due to a water leak in the home. The main living level and the basement living space were affected. Both levels required content removal to perform the mitigation process as well as the repairs. Once completed, we cleaned the home, returned the content to their proper place, and readied for the homeowners to enjoy their wonderful living area again! If you have suffered a similar situation, be sure to give us a call.

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