St. Albans

Something For Everyone

St. Albans is located in Kanawha County at the confluence of the Kanawha and Coal Rivers. There is something for everyone in Saint Albans. There is a roadside park port, the C and O Museum, and Shawnee Regional Park (where you can find many turf soccer fields). Saint Albans is also home to William E. Mohler House. You can see this landmark in the photo above. 

This house is also known as “Hill Grove” and was built in 1900. It is 2 ½ stories and is a Queen Anne style on a stone foundation, and on the uppermost floor, there was a ballroom. William E. Mohler, the president of the area’s largest lumber company, built the estate. The property was then sold and used as a church in 1965. First Response Restoration always enjoys performing jobs in this beautiful and friendly area. If you live here and want any work done to your home, give us a call!

First response restoration locations st albans
First response restoration locations st albans

Stunning Kitchens

In this photo, you can see a kitchen that we remodeled in Saint Albans. This remodel made entertaining guests a breeze for these homeowners with several great features. Some of the features we added include the different colored cabinets, the custom refrigerator, the double oven with an oversized gas range, and the beautiful hardwood floor. 

With a big family, it is important to have a large and inviting kitchen. As you can see, this kitchen was easy for the homeowners to fall in love with. If you are ever looking to remodel, First Response Restoration should be the first one you should call. 

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