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There are more than 100,000 types of mold that can be found in and around your home. Many molds can cause severe health issues, which is why the word “mold’ incites fear and concern into the minds of homeowners (as it should). Mold is caused by moisture and wetness. The five molds that can be a common concern for homeowners are Acremonium, Fusarium, Mucor, Stachybotrys (AKA Black Mold), and Ulocldium.

First response restoration services mold remediation
First response restoration services mold remediation

Acremonium can be pink, gray, orange, or white and is toxic to humans. It can grow on systems in your home such as humidifiers, cooling coils, drain pans, and window sealants and is known to grow alongside black mold. It is imperative to call us to remove this mold as soon as possible because it can cause bone marrow and immune system disease as well as impaired brain function.

Fusarium is toxic to humans and can cause allergies. It can be pink, white, or red and is typically found in carpet, wallpaper, and other fabrics. It usually starts growing in food and spreads to other parts of the home quickly. Fusarium can cause skin infections and other allergic reactions. If you need this mold removed from your home please call us because, eventually the toxins from this mold can damage the nervous system and lead to potential hemorrhaging and internal bleeding.

Mucor is not toxic but it is an allergenic. It is often gray and grows quickly in thick patches. It can be found in your home growing near AC units, HVAC ducting, and old and damp carpets where there’s moisture and condensation. This mold can cause asthma and/or flu-like symptoms. In severe cases, it can cause a fungal infection, which can damage and infect your eyes, nose, sinuses, lungs, and brain, so please give us a call if you need to remove Mucor from your home.

Stachybotry (AKA Black Mold) is a toxigenic and is usually dark green or black with a slimy texture. It is found in damp, wet, and humid areas like wood, cardboard, and wicker. Please consult with a mold professional, then call First Response Restoration if you believe there is black mold in your house. There are many health risks associated with Black Mold such as trouble breathing, fatigue, sinusitis, depression, neurological problems, and pulmonary bleeding in children and infants.

Ulocladium is black in color and often found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and windows where there is extreme water damage or levels of condensation. This mold can cause fevers, skin infections, asthma symptoms, and trouble breathing. So please consult with a professional and then give us a call if you know Ulocladium may be in your home.

First response restoration services mold remediation

Always consult with a professional to assess the type or species of mold you may have in your home. First Response Restoration can help uncover the issue that is causing the problem, as well as fix the issue and remediate the mold.  You can trust First Response Restoration to remove mold and make your home safe and livable again, because they have over 20 years of experience in mold remediation. They are a locally owned and operated company that will be sure to do a careful and quality job to make your home mold free. We want to help relieve the stress and anxiety that mold in the home can cause by removing it from the property as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that you can feel safe in your home once again.


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